Linking the future

BMC Digital Asset Bank is the first to receive a full-license for the blockchain fintech industry. We will integrate digital currencies worldwide and provide low-cost, efficient and convenient services to all users.


Future Digital Banking

Asset management, finance, payment, application. Through cross-chain multi-currency wallet technology, we can solve the problem of expansion and open up the barrier between digital currency and traditional finance industry, so that all users can enjoy the digital financial dividend.


BMCoin is the basic unit of value circulation within the BMC ecosystem and the only commercial and financial medium of communication. We hope that BMC will be widely circulated and realize inclusive finance.

Chain fission Easy income

The chainity is the only blockchain identity pass in the BMC ecosystem. Once the chainity is created, it can participate in the chain fission evolution network. Each chain has the opportunity to enjoy rich returns.

BMC Pool

Staking Mining 2.0 Economic Model – Participate in the BMC Pool “holding as mining”, without any additional costs to earn the returns. Becoming a node of the BMC ecosystem will enjoy more benefits and incomes.

Bank card

Joint Mastercard and other payment organizations issuing cards provide low-cost transactions and now support US Dollar and Euro. The conversion of digital currency to FIAT is extremely low, also supporting global ATM withdrawals.

Credit and debit

The impeccable credit information system + big data intelligent risk control, BMC will be the first to introduce financial services such as digital currency mortgages and credits. We will also provide a comprehensive range of wealth management products around digital currency.


Through the BMC blockchain Bank, we are committed to creating a public, transparent, convenient and intelligent financial system that allows all levels of users around the world to enjoy the benefit of inclusive finance without barriers.